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本文摘要:(1):表人物的喜怒哀乐01表人物喜乐难以形容地开心:indescribably wild joy极为感动:be overwhelmingly moved险些无法掩饰他的兴奋的心情:can hardly conceal既兴奋又开心:a mixture of excitement and引发某人的激情:kindle sb. with/to passion显示出极大的意愿:show a greater readiness被强烈地吸引:be powerfully attracte


(1):表人物的喜怒哀乐01表人物喜乐难以形容地开心:indescribably wild joy极为感动:be overwhelmingly moved险些无法掩饰他的兴奋的心情:can hardly conceal既兴奋又开心:a mixture of excitement and引发某人的激情:kindle sb. with/to passion显示出极大的意愿:show a greater readiness被强烈地吸引:be powerfully attracted to心情愉快:in cheerful spirits振作精神:keep up one’s spirits满足的心情:a satisfied look对...感应满足:be content with对...很兴奋:be delighted at为乐成而欣喜:be excited with joy at the success被...局面所吸引:be fascinated by the spectacle of被她的仙颜所吸引:be fascinated with her beauty因...而兴奋:be joyful over/about喜爱,对...着迷: be keen on快乐至极:be overwhelmed with兴奋地跳起来:dance/jump for joy欣喜若狂:be wild with delight—个令人鼓舞的心情:an encouraging expression过一个愉快的沐日:have a pleasant holiday心满足足,很是幸福:on the top of the world对...感应很是兴奋:overjoyed at/to do流下幸福的泪水:tears of happiness flowing down乐得大叫:yell with delight使某人心情愉快:brighten sb’s heart使某人放心:set one ’ s heart at rest感应鼓舞的:feel inspired/encouraged精神高涨:be in high spirits02 表人物悲忧消沉强烈的失落感:a strong sense of loss陷入绝望:fall into despair让他很伤感:put him into a sentimental mood制止陷入消极的旋涡:avoid getting sucked into a whirlpool of negativity哭泣释放苦闷情绪:crying gives some emotional release减轻某人的痛苦/烦恼:ease sb of his pain/trouble因某人的死亡而痛心:break one’ s heart over one ’ death使某人悲痛:make one’s heart bleed伤心而死:die of a broken heart悲痛欲绝:cry one ’ s heart out怀着极重的心情:with a heavy heart沮丧的:with a sinking heart忧郁的:with sorrowful heart手忙脚乱:be seized with panic有点惊讶:come as something of a surprise感应极端疲劳和难以招架:feel exhausted and overwhelmed很可能引发一阵挫败感:be extremely likely to raise a storm of frustration感应一阵伤心:a flash of grief came upon sb.情绪降低:be down in spirits低头丧气:lose one ’ s spirit心里伤心:be sad at heart意志消沉:a broken spirit03 表人物怨怒引起某人的不快:arouse one’s displeasure对某人的行为感应不满:be displeased at one ’ s conduct易为琐事而恼火:be easily annoyed at trifles气得说不出话:be speechless with indignation不停地诉苦:complain constantly对某人大发脾气:rage at sb.拊膺切齿:flame high气得满脸通红:flame with anger勃然震怒:fly into a rage对某人生气:get irritated at对某人勃然震怒:get mad/cross at sb.没精打彩:have a worried look对诉苦不予剖析:ignore/disregard a complaint对...表现不满:express/voice a complaint about怒气冲发地跑出房间:run out of the room in a burst of anger恼怒地跺脚:stamp one’s foot in anger感应尴尬的:feel embarrassed感应困惑的:feel puzzled/confused感应沮丧:feel frustrated/depressed感应恶心的:feel disgusted/sickened感应恼怒的:feel annoyed感应恼怒的:feel irritated感应泄气的:feel discouraged充满怨恨的眼神:a resentful look(2):表人物个性品格01表人物个性品格务实的:down-to-earth脱颖而出:stand out from the crowd守旧的性格:conservative personalities缺乏责任感:lack of responsibility具有……的美德:with the virtue of...责任感:sense of responsibility一个专心致志举行探索的科学家:a scientist bent on making a discovery高素质、有履历的老师:highly qualified, well-experienced teaching staff前途灼烁:promising future关于……很无知:be ignorant about...具有对教学历程敏锐的洞察力:armed/ equipped with a keen insight into the teaching process一夜成名的人:an overnight successful person生在都会,长在都会:city born and city bred脾气好的人:a good-humored/ good-natured person完人:a faultless/ perfect person知名人士:a notable personage一个从事专门职业的人:a professional person一个有自制力的人:a self-possessed person一个疑心重的人:a suspicious person天资高的人:a talented person有理想的人:an ambitious person有胡子的男子:a bearded man智慧人:an intellectual person个性强的人:a man of fine personality个性迷人的女人:a woman of engaging/ fascinating personality有突出的个性:have striking personalities可爱温和的个性:lovable and good-natured personality容易相处的人:an easy person to deal with冷漠无情的人:a cold-blooded man成年人:a full-grown man性情和善的男子:a good-natured man心肠冷漠的人:a hard-hearted man有前途的青年:a promising young man严肃的年轻人:a serious young man头脑简朴的人:a simple-minded man能说会道的人:a smooth-spoken man消息灵通/见多识广的人:a well-informed man娴静有礼的淑女:a quiet,gracious lady说话直率的人:an outspoken man有修养的女子:a cultured woman相貌平平的女人:a homely woman只身女人:a single woman丑女人:an ugly woman未婚妇女:an unmarried woman时髦的社接壤妇女:a fashionable lady无辜/无邪的人:an innocent man一位多才多艺的年轻女子:an accomplished young lady20岁出头的女人:a girl in her early twenties感人的女人:an attractive girl浪漫的人:a romantic figure没有头脑的少女:an empty-headed girl著名人物:a well-known/prominent figure品格纯洁无瑕的女子:a girl of stainless character伟大的历史人物:a great historical character品格正直的人:a man of upright character没有前程的人:a worthless character具有独立的性格:possess an independent character有老实的好名声:have an excellent character for honesty性格坚决:be of a determined character乐观和有理想的:be optimistic and ambitious(3):表人物行动或心理运动01表人物行动或心理运动给某人造成肩负:impose a heavy


burden on sb.步态优美地走:walk gracefully掉臂对...的忧虑:regardless of concerns over相互体谅,相互明白:mutual understanding兴起勇气:muster up courage首次露面:make one's first appearance面临斗争与改变:in the face of struggle and change听从志愿者组织的指挥:follow orders from the voluntary organization没有推行职责: fail to carry out one ’ s duties有不端行为:display unacceptable behavior损害高中生形象:damage the image of high school students标志着童年到成年的过渡:mark the transition from childhood to adulthood吸引注意:capture the attention完全一团糟: be completely in a mess被认为是权威:be considered an authority对某事不存理想:be under no illusion about sth.—项有意义的运动:a meaningful /rewarding activity彻底信仰奇迹:believe wholeheartedly in the great miracle相信...:in the belief that期待...:in the expectation that经受起起落落:go through ups and downs自动电话:a dial/an automatic telephone感受很不适应:feel out of place毫无倦意:show no signs of tiredness关于...很无知:be ignorant about走神:keep drifting away无力改变效果:be powerless to change the outcome不愿改变:be reluctant to make changes赞赏的眼光:an admiring gaze嫉妒的眼光:an envious glance朝某人急忙瞥了一眼:cast a hasty glance at sb.向某人投以喜爱的眼光:cast admiring glance at凝望着天上的星星:gaze up at the stars首次窥见:gaze the first glimpse of注视着某人:look at sb. with a fixed gaze好奇地向某人看了一眼:throw a curious glance at听到远处的隆隆雷声:hear the thunder rolling in尽力歌颂、放肆吹嘘某人:praise sb. (up) to the从未听说过阻挡某人的话:never hear anything深受赞扬:be received with much appreciation发作出阵阵喝彩声:break into shouts of applause不耐心地听:listen impatiently自吹自擂:sing one ’ s own praise负担全部责任:bear all the blame收回前言,认可说錯:eat one ’ s words无意中冒犯某人:offend sb. unintentionally严厉训斥某人:give sb. a sharp scolding致闭幕词:give a closing address说一句趣话:utter a witty remark就某事揭晓意见:make a remark upon sth.冒犯某人的话:offending remarks of sb.议论某人:pass remarks ahout sb.字斟句酌:pick one ’ s words引述某人一段引人深思的评论:quote an illuminating comment from sb.说得明确而深刻:say sth. clearly and impressively穿过田野的散步:a walk across the fields低声表现赞同:give a murmur of approval居心地说:say sth. deliberately散步,闲逛:have/ take a stroll —跃而起:jump to one ’ s feet往返跋步:pace back and forth在城里闲逛:stroll about/ around/ through the town毫无目的地在街上游落:stroll aimlessly through the streets步行穿过马路:walk across a street臂挽着臂走:walk arm in arm以栽培花木为消遣:look upon gardening as a recreation在滂沱大雨中走:walk through the pouring rain闲步向森林走去:wander into the woods在乡间闲步:wander over the countryside平衡差别水平的学生的兴趣喜好:balance the interests of different levels of students(4):表人物体型和日常运动01表人物体型优美的身段:a graceful figure匀称的形体:a shapely figure痩削的身材:a skinny figure细长的身体:a slim figure发育良好的身体:a well-developed figure仪表堂堂: an imposing/ a dashing/ a handsome/ a striking figure(人)形体很好:have a good figure改善形体:improve one ’ s figure看到月光下有一个模糊的人影:see a dark figure in the moonlight显露出她优美的身段:show off her lovely figure中等身材:an average build 身材魅梧的人:a well-built man02表人物日常运动经常发生的事:a frequent occurrence费时的:time-consuming让某人影象犹新:remain fresh in one ’ s memory一件身心有益的事情: an enchanting mental and physical business 省钱省时间:be less time-consuming and more economical辛劳的任务:an arduous/ a painstaking/ a laborious task需要紧迫处置惩罚:require urgent attention值得珍藏的履历:a truly memorable experience回忆高中生活的优美时刻:recall the sweet moment of one's high school life经受起起落落:go through ups and downs自动电话:a dial/ an automatic telephone远程电话:a long-distance telephone在会上揭晓演讲:address a meeting有某人的电话:be wanted on the phone叫某人接电话:get sb. on the phone接通电话:get through 拿起听筒:pick up the phone跟某人通电话:speak to sb. over the phone占线:the line is busy/ the number is engaged盖过邮戳的邮票:a used stamp 通知某人...: inform sb. of sth. (5):表现地理位置&天气01表现地理位置位置优越的都会:a favorably situated city水下面的暗礁:a hidden rock beneath the surface of—个偏僻的小村子:a small village off the map离海滨仅处尺之遥:within a stone’s throw of the位于...最北端:be situated at the northern extreme在群山环绕的乡村里:in a village among the hills朝南的房间:room facing south人烟稀少的农村地域:the thiny populated rural area位于太平洋沿岸某处:be located somewhere on the Pacific coast02表天气凉爽清新的风:cool, refreshing breeze夕阳:the setting / declining sun多雨的季节:a rainy season狂风雨之夜:a stormy night四面受风:exposed to four winds of heaven绵延不停的雨:continuous/constant rains在茫茫大雨中:in the blinding rain深埋在雪中:be buried in snow难以忍受的热:unbearably hot在春天温暖的阳光里:in the warm spring sunshine放晴了: clear up 狂风暴雨:fierce/ heavy/ violent storms实时雨,好雨:a timely/ seasonable rain沐日光浴:bathe/ bask in (the) sunshine在盛夏灼热的阳光下:under the blazing/ scorching/ burning sun of midsummer